May 14 – Israel Here We Come



Shalom is a Hebrew word meaning peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility.  It is a word that fits our journey perfectly and it is said in Israel frequently to say hello and goodbye.

First and foremost thank you all for caring and making this journey possible. I can’t stress enough we would not, could not, be here right now without your help, love and support. Secondly, I apologize for not blogging sooner. To be honest I have never been so overwhelmed and tired in my life and to begin this blog was another obstacle I had to overcome. Your patience has been noted! We begin.

Preparing for this trip was a little more than we expected. We didn’t just have to pack and prepare for a two month trip and gather support from our family, friends and new friends. We also had to clean out both of our children’s bedrooms (Erika and Jared-thank you for help and understanding), freshen the walls with new paint and order new flooring to be installed. Michael will be resting and rehabilitating downstairs and we wanted to make sure he had a sterile environment to recover in when he came home. The healing walls are now a beautiful purple hue; so if you see a purple theme here you will know why.

We have a village behind this journey and this a huge shout-out and thank you to everyone!  We have or had help with cleaning, moving furniture, organizing, getting chores done around the house while we are gone, help coordinate improvements, gathering mail, paying our bills, help preparing my work desk to leave town, cover my job responsibilities, feeding the cats, watering the garden, taking care of the house in general, setting up a support group for when we get home to help me care for Michael, borrowing a wheel chair, making trip arrangements and giving us insight into Israel and travel tips, a ride to the airport, help sharing our journey to generate support for us and more! We are so humbled and feel the love and support of all of you. Thank you!

Holly and Michael 

 051416 mhl leaving Seattle




3 thoughts on “May 14 – Israel Here We Come

  1. Thanks for the update, Holly. Now take a deep breath and let the love of your friends fill your soul! Hang in there, and know that all of us here are praying for you and Mike.

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  2. Mike & Holly…thinking about you-two everyday! It’s already been a week that you’ve been gone, I call that one week closer to home. Thanks for the blog, it will be nice to see updates. Shalom!

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