May 15 & 16

May 15

Arrived in Tel Aviv via Frankfurt. We were up for over 30 hours minus an hour or so nap on the airplane. 9 hours to Frankfurt followed by 4 more to Tel Aviv. Thank you, Chuck, for getting us here safely and taking care of our arrangements. We love you so much!

Dixie and Dick loaned us their wheelchair and we checked it just like luggage. Upon arrival it was waiting for us and Michael took it for its first ride to get the rental car. Yes! It was so nice to have wheels. Thank you, Dixie and Dick; it is a nice ride.

The rental car agreement was presented and we were asked to sign it without seeing the car. I mentioned that I’d like to see if there is any existing damage; she said no worries. When we get to the Mazda 2 (Erika and Joan have same model), it is mauled up one side and down the other. I inquired and she wanted me to provide her with a pen to mark the rental agreement with noted damage. When I didn’t produce a pen quick enough she said don’t worry, “I am the only Julia that works here. Just tell them I saw the dings if there is any problem.” So, off we went into a driving arena much like NYC on steroids.  (I am using a phrase used by one of Michael’s friends and I couldn’t agree more!)

Finding our apartment wasn’t easy or fun. The arrival instructions didn’t mention that the entrance was located in a pedestrian alleyway and no address would be on the street. With management closed for the day and over two hours of struggling and squabbling while trying to find our new home, we finally made it. In the end, it was worth it. Our new home for two weeks is perfect for us!

We found a street-side cafe and had a wonderful meal and settled in.

May 16

Not much to report. Enjoyed some time getting our bearings,  discovering the neighborhood and our getting to know our new surroundings. For dinner we found a beautiful area with lots of cafes and stores after looking for Big Apple Pizza (we never did find it). We settled on Pizza Hut (vegan options for Holly, yay!) and took our pies home and enjoyed fresh slices with a nice glass of Israeli Merlot.

Appointment with Prof Jacob Rowe scheduled for 11:00 am – Holly’s birthday and looking forward to the best birthday present ever – HSCT for my hubby!


Holly & Michael




3 thoughts on “May 15 & 16

  1. Thank you for the update and look forward to more. Proud of you as I know it takes time and energy-both of which you are low on. Mike’s procedure is going to be a huge success!! You are both loved by so many!! ❤️

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