May 18-19

May 18

Today we enjoyed breakfast and a beautiful sunrise from our room. 

Then we headed to the hospital to meet our hosts and get directed to the pulmonary department where Michael proceeded to have a lung test which required him to blow into a tube while in an airtight booth. It was harder than he imagined. A paper test result showed a graph with a passing blue line within the “normal” range.  

Quickly we went to the cardiac unit which was extremely busy so we had to wait about an hour. Our helpers were effective at getting Michael’s appointment addressed  The heart test consisted of electrodes on his back, gel and and wand for an ultrasound of his brave heart. Luckily he passed this test as well.  â¤ï¸

We were dismissed and told to come back at 10 am for the insertion of a Hickman. This is a port to get blood out of for stem cell collection and regular blood draws as well as administering any drugs he may need in addition to the chemo regiment. He can’t eat or drink for six hours prior to the anesthesia required for this procedure. 

After we got “home” from the hospital we took a cab to the Pizza Hut for Holly. There was a burger bar next door for Michael and we both enjoyed an Isralie beer in the sun. 

Sandal shopping for Michael’s birthday gift for Holly rounded out our successful day!

May 19

Well, the hormone injections must be working. 

Michael’s not feeling well  He is nauseous and his bones ache. In addition, a migraine plagued him all night. It was hard to imagine going to the hospital to have out patient surgery in an hour. I was worried he might aspirate due to his queezy stomach. But, Michael persevered and we followed through with our appointment time.   

What a trooper he turned out to be!  

13 thoughts on “May 18-19

  1. Thinking of you every day Mike. Simply blown away by your perseverance, determination, and courage. Love you.


  2. Michael, I’m so sorry you’re in pain and discomfort. But that just means GAME ON. It’s really happening! I hope you can feel all the love, support, and comfort coming your way from Seattle. We’re all with you in this fight. Love, Jay


    1. Thanks Jay,
      Holly here for Michael. We feel the love from Seattle. It’s keeping us strong and making us win this fight. Thanks so much. He’s doing much better today. Thank you so very much. Lots of love,
      Michael and Holly


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