May 20-21

Friday, May 20

Shabbot is primarily a day of rest and spiritual enrichment. It is the centerpiece of Jewish life; it is a time to spend with family and friends, prayer and elaborate feasts. Shabbot begins Friday evening and extends to sundown on Saturday.  In Jerusalem during Shabbot businesses sleep and the celebration begins.  

I needed to prepare a meal for our anniversary. By the time I went to the market it was out of control. Everyone was busily shopping frantically preparing for Shabbot and most didn’t seem to mind pushing and shoving their way to the front of the line or rubbing more than elbows with me. I quickly remembered it was okay to stand up for myself or I’d be knocked down. So, I kept my head up, was assertive and, unlike the majority, I went against the grain and put a grin on my face while I too plowed through the masses. I grabbed marinated spicey olives, oil, pasta, rainbow rice, massive amounts of vibrant vegetables, gourmet cheese and bread, a bottle of wine for a toast and a bouquet of paper thin purple flowers to remind us that it is time to heal, be thankful and celebrate.  Israel shared with me  many of its colors and I embraced them all. I also gained firsthand the true meaning of hudspa!  

Happy Anniversay, Michael.  27 years and counting! Love-I Believe!

May 21

Michael was still not feeling well. His spine screamed in agony as stem cells grew exponentially in numbers and his bones ached. The everpresent migraine didn’t let up. 

We stayed in, grew mellow and had some much needed down time as well as played a turmultous acey-duecey match with Michael as the victor. The city was still silent and we didn’t disturb it.  Sunday was right around the corner and that was going to be a huge day – stem cell collection in Haifa!  

6 thoughts on “May 20-21

  1. Looks painful, but so many good things start out that way. Still praying and sending good thoughts for you both. The celebration of your anniversary sounded wonderful, and the flowers were beautiful. I’m glad Holly learned the meaning of hudspa! and how to achieve it.


  2. Mike & Holly- I wish I had asked how long in Haifa!! It’s amazing to think of how much you’ve accomplished in the short period of time that you’ve been there. Sending lots of love your way and watching the calendar until your return!


    1. Thanks Joan,
      Sorry about the 3am questionnaire. We are good. Two full days until 11 am in Haifa. Back to Jerusalem each day around 1:30 am. Exhausting. Doing well today. Boy, it’s been rough. There was no time to blog. I catch up tomorrow. Love ya!


      1. Holly- Thanks for the update. That does sound exhausting, to say the least. Get rest whenever you can grab it and hang in there. An amazing amount is accomplished on a daily basis and you’re arriving so much closer to your goal everyday! And I would welcome your call or text anytime of the day or night, please don’t hesitate to do so again- Love you both! joan

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