The Purple Room 

Haifa – The Purple Room

Moti – New Driver

Unfortunately, more stem cells are needed to fulfill doctor’s orders.  So back to Haifa we go; back to the trustful hands of our new friend Eli. Eli shared with us part of his amazing challenge to get accepted at medical school. He will be one of the best doctors in the world. He cares so deeply for all of the people he treats and he has a heart of gold. We thank him for taking such great care of us. We hope he will visit us in Seattle one day with his family. 

More stem cells. This machine saves so many lives.  We are in awe! 

I asked Eli where I could get something to eat; he said the purple room. Really?   The Purple Room.  I feel even more power. Heal, heal, heal!  Michael you’re in the right place. (Don’t look at the food choices; not so healing!😬)

Long night.  Thank you,  Haifa  – Welcome,  Jerusalem”. .  1:15 am check in to Shaare Zedek. Stem cell collection compete. 

Chemo for breakfast?

6 thoughts on “The Purple Room 

  1. Wow! Busy day for you guys. Thanks for the explanation of the machine Holly, really fascinating! Take care and tell Michael to keep growing those stem cells!

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  2. It was interesting to hear more about the process, thanks for filling us in. And really great to see Mike in photos & video-I know some days have been tougher than others, Mike, but you look as strong and handsome as ever! Keep up the good work you two!

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