Chemo Sucks

I can’t even remember any specific days or dates, but it is now Day +11 and we are so grateful to be through the other side of the harsh chemo and ATG treatment phase.  

Michael was very ill and suffered from the side effects of chemo with the traditional gastrointestinal problems due to a destroyed GI tract, nausea, vomiting and the rest.  

Did I forget to mention, hair loss! 

My mom texted and warned Mike not to let me have scissors! 

It was a very touchy time.  I rarely slept more than an hour or two at a time. The Hickman inserted into his chest was constantly tethered to a tree of medicine.  His eating stopped for more than a week and he was given nourishment through his veins (TPN) for over a week.  

Because he was hooked up 24/7 there was a greater risk of him falling. Hourly trips to the bathroom to rid himself of the mass liquids created an additional hazard for us. I was constantly running over and unplugging his electric base so he could relieve himself.  The machine we had was continually beeping and had issues which compounded our problems and intensified our headaches.  These battles were often softened by a doting nurse. On other not so favorable episodes, we tried to calm and nurture each other through the frustrating moments when help didn’t arrive timely, language barriers or someone barged “undressed” into our private isolation room.  All in all, we are so happy with our treatment here. But as with any hospital stay of this length there have been ups and downs and good moments and bad.  

On the positive side we have some the best nurses in the world and Professor Rowe is a genuinely amazing man and physician. The team of doctors that support him (and us) are timely and efficient and have preemptive training so our complications have been minimal. 

We feel so humble, blessed, fortunate and excited.  


Love and Peace to All! 

More to come.  πŸ’•

15 thoughts on “Chemo Sucks

  1. Holly thank you for the update. We are all thinking about you two and hoping all is going well and as expected! Much love and good thoughts from the Canadian crew as well! Love you guys and give Mike a hug for us!

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    1. Thanks Kelly. One of our nicest nurses is from Canada. ❀️ you’re the best. Thank you for your love and support. Just gave Mike the hug and he liked it so much he hugged me back and said to send it to you. πŸ’œ


  2. I am so thankful that this part is behind you now. You have showed amazing strength & determination-hang onto that a while longer, pressing on. Thinking of you everyday-sending a lot of love-and a wish for some calmer days…

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