Carl’s Poem



Carl’s Poem

I never tell my friends

That I love them for their teaching

Not once have I told them that

I keep that to myself

It’s possibly only time

Sometimes I get so tired

I can only wonder how I got here

I’ll think it didn’t even matter

Then remember the journey

The help my friends just gave to me

With beautiful life lessons

Sometimes its greed or courage; sympathy

Sex or violence; apathy

I don’t even care how they come to me

Learning my lessons is what I need

And I love my friends for their teaching me

But I never tell my friends that

And I appreciate the lessons

I know I am not an easy student

Sometimes my paranoia

Makes it impossible for me

Other times my past demands

A walk down through the weeds

But I’m learning on this journey

Because I know that’s what I need

It happened when I was tired

And wondering how I got here

I knew it didn’t matter

Until remembering my journey

And all the help I have been given

It was always what I needed

My friends must know I love them

They teach me all these lessons


©Michael Warren     June 2016


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