The Nutritionists’ Lists



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Nutritionists’ Lists

They want me to write lists

I tell them alright; no problem

They’re probably right

After all, they’re just wanting to help

Doing a job, looking after my health

So then, I get to thinking

And I say to myself; what will be next?

I told them I would, but really I’d rather write poems

Or stories for children, of goblins and gnomes

I’d rather write love letters to my beautiful wife

Or write to my children of how I miss them and can’t wait to get home

What if I wrote of the hate of some men?

And of what we could do if only love were a plan

I want to write about learning to fly

How my heart loves to sing to the music l like

I want to write about Barack Obama

We were born in the same year

And we both lost our mamas

Don’t get me going on him

I love that man like a brother

I’d write about blaming all of this world’s ills on “the other”

I can write about so many things

But I won’t write about everything I eat

Guess I will have to write those nutritionists a note

©Michael Warren     June 2016



5 thoughts on “The Nutritionists’ Lists

  1. I am so glad you are being reborn my friend.  It is a tough birth for sure maybe longer than that other nine month one. but man what  you are bringing your  sharing is daring and caring…..This poem made me cry, laugh, smile I think that is a helluva good poem.  Thanks so much…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Damon. I’ll share message with Michael. You’re so kind. He’s been reborn for sure. Excited and very happy for his new journey. Glad you enjoy his sharing. Hugs, Holly


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